Mission Opportunities

A Construction Mission is scheduled for this summer as follows:


DATES: July 23rd through July 30th

LOCATION: San Jose Succotz, Belize

COST: $1,500



We are taking a 16-member team down to address two specific items

1) repair a foundation problem on the primary school

2) freshen up and clean up the primary school to get the buildings ready for students again after two years off due to the pandemic. The work will include painting, repairs, landscaping and other items as needed. The scope of the foundation work is not fully known yet but a corner of the original building has apparently settled. We are taking a foundation repair expert with us to direct the work.

The team is limited to 16 members.

If interested in either mission opportunity, please contact Kyle Cochran at Conway’s First Baptist Church to obtain a Mission Application form and to pay your deposit. He can be reached at kyle@conwayfbc.com or 501-329-5648.

A Surgical Mission is scheduled for this summer as follows:

DATES: July 30th through August 6th

LOCATION:  Belmopan, Belize

COST:  $2,200

DEPOSIT:  $100

Dr. Tom Roberts will lead a surgical team to the government hospital in the capital city of Belmopan in participation with the Belize Ministry of Health.  The mission consists of four days of orthopedic surgeries using the hospital OR suite and, simultaneously, four days of clinic with some of our best physicians, nurses and therapists.  

Participants are not required to be licensed or even in the medical field but must have a desire to care for the health of the general public and assist the medical personnel as needed.  The hospital staff will provide follow-up care after we leave.