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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist the people of Belize with educational and medical opportunities, using the abilities, skills, access and wherewithal that we have been so freely been blessed with, to minister to those who have not shared the opportunities that we, as Americans, have been given. We want to serve as the hands and feet of God to achieve the things that we can accomplish, trusting Him to lead, guide and bless our efforts.


We know and understand that we are no better than those we serve but simply that we have the means to assist. In the book of Luke, Chapter 12, verse 48, we are told “to whom much is given, much is required,” which means that we are held responsible for what we have. If we have been blessed with talents, wealth, knowledge, time and the like, it is expected that we benefit others. 


The work that we do includes, but is not limited to:


  • The construction of classrooms and other school buildings.

  • The equipping of schools with needed items such as desks, chairs, computers, sewing machines, etc.

  • Providing scholarships for kids in need so they may remain in school. 

  • Providing financial support for school programs that educate kids and provide knowledge and/or skills that will benefit them as they search for and keep a job.

  • Teaching job-hunting skills.

  • Equipping teachers with specific knowledge to assist children such as how to handle grief, etc. 

  • Pointing the children to a relationship with Jesus as a foundation for all they do. 

  • Conducting free medical clinics, open to all who will come.

  • Dispensing non-expired prescription drugs on an as-needed basis.

  • Arranging for follow-up doctor visits when possible.

  • Collecting and dispensing eye glasses.

  • Examining teeth, removing as necessary and recommending follow-up dental care.

  • Sharing the importance of a relationship with God.

  • Setting up critical surgeries on a most-needed basis.

  • Performing surgeries in cooperation with the Belizean Ministry of Health using their operating and recovery suites.

  • Providing almost new surgical equipment as needed for surgeries and donating the equipment to the government of Belize. 

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