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What is The Iguana Squad? 

The Iguana Squad is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that assists the people of Belize with educational and medical needs. We have been active for over twenty years taking mission teams to several areas in the Central American country of Belize constructing classrooms for schools, setting up free medical clinics and, more recently, conducting surgical missions in partnership with the Belize Ministry of Health, using their operating rooms in the main government hospital.  

More than a thousand people have participated as a member of one of our mission teams. Classroom space has been constructed or renovated to accommodate more than a thousand Belizean students. Thousands of Belizeans of all ages have been examined, treated and given prescriptions by highly-qualified medical professionals from the United States.  

Although we are a “non-religious” organization, The Iguana Squad is founded and operated on Christian principles much like we conduct our businesses, homes and careers. Our board of directors is comprised of Christian individuals who practice their faith in whatever arena they find themselves. We have proudly partnered with First Baptist Church in Conway, Arkansas as well as First Church of the Nazarene (Conway) and Greenbrier (AR) Nazarene Church. Team participants typically hold a Christian perspective in their approach to meeting the needs of those who require assistance. We are supported by various churches and other charity-minded organizations whose goal is to help the needy. We believe that as members of an affluent and blessed society, we are obligated to assist those in less fortunate situations. Our niche is Belize and other Central American countries. Our commitment is to make the greatest impact possible with the resources we have. 

The Iguana Squad directs 100% of all donations to the work in the field. We have no employees, all board members and team participants are volunteers, and all business expenses related to operating the organization are paid by the board members. 

The Iguana Squad is committed to finishing what we start. We do not take on a project without a commitment to seeing it through. This is especially true of construction projects. Half-finished buildings do not benefit anyone. 

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