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Below is a partial list of projects that have been completed since the inception of the organization:

Victorious Primary School, San Jose Succotz, Belize

The work includes 15 classrooms, a computer lab (including computers), principal's office and toilet rooms.


Project Name

Alvin Young Nazarene High School, San Jose Succotz, Belize

The work includes 10 classrooms, 4 trade schools labs, snack bar and large covered pavilion.


Nazarene Primary School, Sarteneja, Belize

The work includes the renovation and remodeling of a nine-classroom building and toilets, 4 new classrooms and repainting the school's identity sign.

School SIgn Cropped.jpg

Baptist Primary School, Light of the Valley Community, Belize

The work includes the construction of two classrooms, complete with doors and window shutters on one trip, and the remodeling and expansion of the dining hall on a follow up trip.

Howard Smith Nazarene Primary School, Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belize

The work includes the construction of an outdoor dining pavilion attached to a classroom building. The pavilion was later enclosed to create more classrooms.  


Medical Missions, Sarteneja, Belize

As with all our medical missions, we subdivided the church worship center into exam rooms; patients were interviewed to determine their needs and sent to one of our doctors or dentists. Our pharmacists handed out prescriptions as required. All medical professionals are approved by the government prior to our arrival.


Project Name

Medical Mission, San Jose Succotz, Belize

We have conducted several medical missions at this location over the years. The church worship center was subdivided into exam rooms with the platform/altar area serving as the pharmacy. A separate building served as our dental clinic. The clinics were open to all who wanted to come. Thousands of patients were seen by our trained staff.



Baptist Primary School, Santa Elena, Belize

Work includes two classrooms.

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Project Name

Baptist Primary School, Santa Elena, Belize

Work includes two classrooms.

Surgical Missions, Government Hospital, Belmopan, Belize

Several surgical missions have been conducted in cooperation with the Belizean Government’s Ministry of Health using their operating suite. The government assists with public notifications, offers their facilities for patient interviews, and provides follow-up visits for the patients.

Miscellaneous Work, Belize

We also provided a variety of other services over the years including scholarships for needy kids, providing sewing machines for a trade classrooms and computers for labs, purchasing and dispensing Christmas presents in association with the local church; providing school supplies purchased in the US; and constructing classroom desks and chairs. The list is extensive and varied and depends on the needs discovered at each project.

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