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La Paz Village Goals

  • Continue building classroom buildings and conducting medical missions

  • More focused and strategic approach to missions

  • Provide job training, educational seminars, Bible study programs, etc

  • Facilitate efforts of like-minded organizations

To learn more about La Paz Village and where we are headed, visit our Facebook page

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Upcoming Capital Improvements

  • Caretakers Residence

    • A small 2 bedroom residence for our full-time on-site caretaker​

  • Medical Clinic

    • Will serve as a home for our medical teams and missions to serve western central Belize

  • Learning Center

    • Facility to host seminars, Bible studies and other presentations

  • Playground​​

  • Library

  • Pavilion

    • Multi-purpose pavilion for hosting larger events such as weddings and concerts

  • Vocational Training Facility

    • Provide training in income producing trades such as sewing, soap-making, wood working and other training opportunities

  • Bunkhouse

    • Increase the overnight capacity to 30

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