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The Iguana Squad and La Paz Belize

What is the connection between The Iguana Squad and La Paz Belize?

The Iguana Squad has a permanent physical presence near the western border of Belize, in the village of San Jose Succotz. The four-acre site is called La Paz Belize or just La Paz. The advantages are numerous: 

  • Our Belizean friends and neighbors know we are committed to a lasting relationship.

  • La Paz can house US mission teams on-site, providing a family-type setting, for rest, play, meals and planning.

  • Plans are underway for The Iguana Squad to construct a medical facility on the La Paz site, so medical teams will have an appropriate place from which to serve. See the complete proposed site plan.

  • The community has access to a new playground, located on the site of La Paz. The goal is to open the playground during the summer of 2024.

  • With its own home base, The Iguana Squad has more flexibility to meet needs and make connections, using both organized mission teams from churches and communities, as well as individuals who can come and provide specific services on their own.

  • Community events have begun on site.  Click to see photos of the activity at La Paz, under the direction of The Iguana Squad!

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